What is Truecaller and latest version updates

Millions of people all over the world love using Truecaller every single day. Truecaller saves you time gives you peace of mind and even instills a sense of safety and security simply by showing information about those who communicate and we’re known for showing you who’s calling helping you avoid unwanted calls and even search to find people and businesses, but we still believe we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to changing the way you communicate the most important part of your phone calls you make haven’t evolved since the launch of the smartphone.

The company says

That’s why today we would replace in your phone to change the way you make calls with this version of Truecaller where we find every aspect to make it more useful than ever before.

Introducing the New Truecaller for iPhone

The Truecaller is one of the most useful android app for Block unwanted calls these days. It is Introducing Truecaller iPhone app for iPhone users with some special features.

Truecaller features on iPhone

  1. With a new And improved search
  2. Identify over 1.6 billion numbers
  3. Find people in you Phonebook faster and people who are not in your Phonebook
  4. Truecaller adds updated and missing information to your contacts and show you how you are connected
  5. A new way to search – copy a number from anywhere.
  6. And the new widget search will quickly identify the number

All the above mention can protect you from the world’s top spam callers , so Truecaller can help you avoid unwanted calls

Truecaller on Windows phone

Introducing the new truecaller for Windows phone with a complete new design and new way to navigate through your favorite features.

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