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WannaCry the biggest malware attack – List of file extensions

WannaCry 101 is the biggest malware attack that the world has experienced. More than 200K computer systems across 99 countries have been affected due to this malware. According to the recent reports WannaCry has targeted national health services in England and Scotland. Russia has seen the most number of infected computer systems. The malware also spread in a university computer lab in Italy according to this tweet.

WannaCry tweet

WannaCry tweet

WannaCry is basically a Ransomware that is quick to spread once any computer in an organisation is affected. It write program then encrypts files on the computer blocking users from accessing critical information and asking for a payment of $300 to $600 in bitcoins to unlock files on each affected computer.

Experts believe that the malware takes advantages of a vulnerability in Windows PCs that was identified by the United States National Security Agency. Although Microsoft had patched the flaw back in March many users, IT departments and organisations did not apply be update to their systems making them open to the attack.

list of all the file extensions that are being affected by WannaCry

As far as India is concerned there is nothing much to worry as the computer emergency response team has said that ” very few reports are reported from our country the team has released a list of all the file extensions that are being affected by WannaCry.

File extensions that are being affected by WannaCry

File extensions that are being affected by WannaCry

The governments across the world including India are taking steps to educate users about ransomware.

Preventive measures to avoid the entry of WannaCry malware

Experts at CRT are doing their bit by giving a set of preventive measures that users can adopt to avoid the entry of WannaCry malware.

First of all users have to patch their windows computers as mentioned in Microsoft’s Security Bulletin MS17-010. Microsoft has also issued a patch for unsupported versions such as Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008.

The next thing is that the users should deploy the antivirus protection and block spam. The users have to make sure that they do not open any attachments which are present in unsolicited emails.

All the security measures have been listed at the official website of Cyber Swachhta Kendra.

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