Top 4 best tablets available on the market for work

In this new world of tech, devices like tablets can be a solution to simplifying things by providing an all-in-one solution. Now we break down the top 4 best tablets of 2017. SO you are interested in which product will be best for you. The days of only being able to work game and watch movies online exclusively using a PC are gone. Tablets have come to provide a much lighter … [Read more...]

WannaCry the biggest malware attack – List of file extensions

WannaCry 101 is the biggest malware attack that the world has experienced. More than 200K computer systems across 99 countries have been affected due to this malware. According to the recent reports WannaCry has targeted national health services in England and Scotland. Russia has seen the most number of infected computer systems. The malware also spread in a university … [Read more...]

Download movies from utorrent without any risk

Here is the user guide to download movies from utorrent. Downloading movies from utorrent is very easy. To download any videos, movies via torrent, you need to download a torrent handler. This utorrent software allow you to download movies without using any movie downloader. What is  utorrent software ? uTorrent is a software used to download 'torrents'. A torrent is a file … [Read more...]

Microsoft Introducing Surface Laptop running new Windows 10 S

Focused on education Microsoft announced the new surface laptop running the company's new Windows 10 s operating system. The surface sports a surprisingly traditional laptop design and weighs less than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, Expect to pay a premium though the surface laptop starts at $999.00. Buy Microsoft Surface Laptop Along with the new surface Microsoft's new Windows 10 S … [Read more...]

Best 3 headphones under 1000 rupees : Headphone Buying Guide

In this article we bring you the best over the Ear or on the Ear headphones under 1000 rupees, that comes with an inline microphone, earphones that ship with smartphone hugely feature and inline microphone but don't give us the best of sound quality and bass. Most of us always try to buy third-party headphones instead of using the bundled earphones, that being said this … [Read more...]