Top 4 best tablets available on the market for work

In this new world of tech, devices like tablets can be a solution to simplifying things by providing an all-in-one solution. Now we break down the top 4 best tablets of 2017. SO you are interested in which product will be best for you. The days of only being able to work game and watch movies online exclusively using a PC are gone. Tablets have come to provide a much lighter … [Read more...]

Microsoft Introducing Surface Laptop running new Windows 10 S

Focused on education Microsoft announced the new surface laptop running the company's new Windows 10 s operating system. The surface sports a surprisingly traditional laptop design and weighs less than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, Expect to pay a premium though the surface laptop starts at $999.00. Buy¬†Microsoft¬†Surface Laptop Along with the new surface Microsoft's new Windows 10 S … [Read more...]