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Remix OS for PC – 5 steps on How to install Remix OS on PC

rRemix is an android OS for PC which is developed by a company Jide. Finally an android OS is available for PC with many of the features.
This Remix OS for PC is working good and with full of user friendly, we can operate this with help of mouse and Key-Boad as like other operation systems on PC.

Requirements Remix OS for PC

  1. USB flash drive / Pen Drive / USB Stick / USB with minimum a write speed of 20 MB/s
  2. A CPU with 64-bit compatibility.
  3. Minimum 16 GB hard disk partition
  4. Remix OS USB installer
  5. Remix OS Version: 2.0.101

Step by step instructions to install Remix OS on PC

So if you wold like to try out this desktop-optimized version of Android on your PC fallow this step by step guidelines.

Download Remix OS for PC package and then unzip the file.

Download Remix OS version 2.0.101 from its official website jide.  Remix OS 2.0 official version is not yet available, But the leaked version available at the official version is not yet available

[button color=”green” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”” target=”true”]Donload Remix OS for PC[/button]

The size of the Operating System is 670 MB  so it will not take too much of time. Jet watch a  lovely video until download completed.

Make USB flash drive ready to use

The flash drive must be empty. Simply back up your important filed and format the flash drive with FAT32. If you don’t know how to format USB drive to FAT32, Here i am to show how is it.

  1. Plug in a USB flash drive into your preferred PC
  2. Select the flash USB drive and right click on it
  3. Select FAT32 option
  4. And click on format button

Run the Remix Os USB Tool

After completing the download unzip the file. Select the Remix OS USB tool ( you can find it on the .zip file ) and right click on it and Run as Administrator.

 Remix os for pc usb tool
This tool will help you to burn the .iso file onto your USB flash drive. Select the Disk partition in which you want to save Remix OS files, It must be 16 minimum GB  disk partition.

Now Reboot the computer

We need to Reboot the computer to install Remix OS on PC. Before reboot the system try to find out shortcut for Boot Menu, Most of the computers it is F12 or F2.
Now you can see the list of boot options in the Boot menu, Select the flash drive in which you have installed Remix OS 2.0.101.

Complete the installation of Remix OS on PC / Computer

After 5-10 minutes it will ask to select the Guest Mode and Resident Mode. Select your preferred option and it will take 5-10 minutes to finishing the installation.

Difference between Remix OS Guest Mode and Resident Mode ?

Remix OS Guest Mode: The Guest mode will not save any data on your computer, it is only for trying Remix os on your PC. Settings and the Apps installed on this mode will erased as soon as you turn of the computer.
Remix OS Resident Mode: The Resident mode will save all the data and it is for long time usage. Settings and apps installed in this mode will not erased until you remove them. If you want to use Android operation system on PC/ Computer for long time select this option.

Now you can enjoy your lovely android operation system ( Remix OS ) on a big screen with many of user friendly options. I hope you enjoyed this article, try to share with friends on Facebook.

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