Two methods to recover Windows 10 password

Hey what’s going on guys. And if you forgot your Windows 10 password then it is not that hard to recover Windows 10 password. First of all if the Microsoft account is attached to your computer then try to recover your password using Microsoft account.

But if you don’t have Microsoft account attached with your windows 10 and you have only local account then all you need to have a bootable  flash drive having windows 10 or a D.V.D of Windows 10. What we are going to do is to replace page up Access Center with CMD ( command prompt ).


Step by step procedure to recover windows 10 password without any software

Once you will get common prompt before logging into Windows 10, then we can execute several commands which will help us to recover windows 10 password.

  • So first of all enter your flash drive, or bootable media having windows 10, then you have to restart your computer.
  • While restarting the computer, you need to press the boot key on your computer. Boot key different from the computer manufacturer like if you have HP computer then it is going to be F9, Dell it is F2 or

Boot keys for different computers:



Boot keys for different manufacturers given in the bellow image.

Boot keys

If you have custom build P.C, then you need to find boot key on your motherboard. Just Google boot key for your motherboard and find the correct one for your computer. While restarting you need to press boot key at this bellow screen.

recover windows 10 password

Now you will get a boot menu there. It may not look like above image, you may get it different interface depending on your motherboard and you have to select your drive here.

  • If you are using flash drive then select Removable Devices, if you are using CD then select CD-ROM drive and hit enter.
  • Now you have to press any key on your keyboard here.  It will boot from your external drive. At this step just selected language and keyboard input methods and his next.

Forgot password to log into Windows 10

  • Click on Repair your computer, now click Troubleshoot, Advanced Options.
  • Now click on Command prompt, it will launch Command prompt.

You need to find where your windows 10 is installed. Generally windows 10 installed into D drive but it’s shows you C drive into your computer. We can find that drive by looking into windows files.

  • So first of all type dir and hit enter. So we can see there is no Windows file.
  • So we need to navigate into D drive and type dir, hit enter. Now it will Show you all the directories so we can see that all the windows are located in two D drive.

windows 10 password reset without disk

  • So we need to navigate into System32 folder. First of all type cd windows and hit enter it will take you to Windows folder.
  • Now you have to type cd system32 and hit enter.  Now it will take you to the system directory.
  • We need to rename utility manager to something different name to do so, type ren utilman.exe utilman_back.exe, you can type anything in place of utilman_back.exe.
  • Now let’s copy cmd in place of utility manager copy, type there copy cmd.exe utilman.exe and hit on your keyboard. At this point up time utility manager has been replaced by cmd.

windows 10 password reset tool

  • Now exit command prompt for this type exit and hit enter.
  • Now restart your computer Turn it off and Turn it on. Windows is restarted, in the login screen at the below right corner you can find Ease of Access icon, click on it.

Then it will launch command prompt, we have command prompt so we can recover windows10 password using several different methods and I am going to show you guys Two easiest ways to recover your windows 10 password.

Method-1 to recover forgotten password of windows 10.

  • Type control userpasswords2 then hit enter.
  • It will bring you user account menu from there you have to select your user account and click on user reset password account.
  • Now you can create a new password for your user account or leave it move the password and hit.

windows 10 password reset without disk

After that try to log in to a Windows 10 with your new password are without password and you will get into your windows 10.

Method-2 to recover windows 10 password without any software

Second method is to change your password that directly on cmb, once you get cmd.

  • Type there net user and hit enter. You will get all of your user accounts so remember your user account.
  • Type there net user user_account_name and you have to type your new password and I am going to type windows10.
  • New command like this net user user_account_name windows10. And this windows10 string is going to my new password and hit enter and exit.


Now try to logon into your Windows 10 computer with the new password and you will get into your windows 10 computer without any problem.

Once you are logged into your windows and then you need to revert the changes which you have made that is to change cmd utility manager.

  • Again to do so you go to Local Disk(C)>> windows>>System32 and find there C.M.D. with utilman icon.You can delete this utilman file.

 reset windows 10 password

  • And rename utilman_back to utilman again. But you don’t have permission to the name utility manager.  So let’s get the permission.
  • Right click on it and click on properties go to security tab from there. Click on everyone’s permissions beside owners change>>Add>>find now you scroll down to bottom and double click to select users and change the owner ship permission.

OK Now let’s check the utility manager is working fine or not. Let’s sign out of the windows and login again to find out if it is working or not. I think you login into your windows 10 PC / Computer without any problems on it so utility manager is working again.

And you have Windows 10 password and everything is back to normal.  So this is the process to recover windows 10 passwordGuys thanks for visiting. Do like on our Facebook page for more tech update and share this with your friends.

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