How to play YouTube in background on Android|iPhone in 2017

YouTube is world most popular live streaming service with 1 Billion Active Users Each Month. YouTube added offline viewing to its Android app in late 2014. But most of the users likes watch live videos online. Nowadays people normally stretch their work hours and get stressed than before. And they are listening to a music, YouTube video without downloading. They are getting a problem of play YouTube in the background on their own devices,  such as android, tablet and Personal computers ( PC).  Here some cool working tricks to play YouTube videos in background on android, iPhone, tablet.

How to play YouTube in background on an android Smartphone

Official YouTube app and YouTube mobile website have a limitation, It automatically stops video playback as soon as you move it to the background. At the same time, an android have huge collection of applications for background playback.

We have a app called SuperTube YouTube player, Supports background playback on youtube videos. It looks like a clones of the official YouTube application.

Play YouTube in the background using SuperTube YouTube player

SuperTube Popup YouTube Player have Background playback, with notification playing control feature. You can search YouTube videos using this application or enter your video URL directly.

How to get YouTube video URL on the Android app

  • Launch the YouTube app and open the video of your choice.
  • Click on the share button button located at the top of the playback window.
  • Tap the Copy URL button and copy to your clipboard


Best way to Play videos in background on android and iOS Youtube app without using external Application

With a YouTube Red membership, you can watch YouTube ad-free, save videos offline, and play videos in the background. This service is available in the United States and other certain countries (United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea ) only. This YouTube Red have $10-a-month subscription.

Firefox for Android : Keep YouTube video Playing with Screen Off on Android

  • This is the best tricks for Firefox on android users. I find this fast, safe and free trick, then the above trick.
  • Download and install Firefox apk on your Smartphone.
  • Once Firefox have on your mobile phone, jest open it.
  • Open YouTube website in that Firefox browser.

Then you can play it without waiting for conversion. It will just load and play. Then you can turn off your screen, switch to web browser tabs and the video still get playing.

Just sign in to your YouTube in Firefox , to have all your playlist you made on Computer or YouTube app and. It is always free service, no need of pay any subscription charges.

How to play YouTube in background on iPhone device for free


iOS users spent significantly more money than people with Android. But this is best trick for iPhone users to play YouTube in background for free. iPhone users need to install Safari web browser in the same way, how Android users use Firefox to play YouTube videos in background.

  • Download and install Safari on your iPhone.
  • Install Safari web browser and open it.
  • Open YouTube website on it, search for the video and click on play Button.

That done. You can observe that, even after turn off your screen, switching browser tabs the video still get playing.

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