How to Recover Deleted Files from Computer, Flash Drive and Memory Card

we all have important data in our computer, flash drive and other storage spaces. Sometime this did get accidentally deleted or formatted and we suffered a data lose. In such cases data recovery is possible. Now lets see How to Recover Deleted Files from Computer, Flash Drive and Memory Card.

Step by step guide to Recover Deleted Files from PC, Flash Drive and SD card

Step 1: I have lost data from my flash drive,  as you see there is no file in the removable disk D.

Data recovery from removable disk D

Removable disk D

Step 2: Ok Now lets recover deleted  or formatted data from Removable disk D

Step 3: Open your browser and  go to given link, find this link in the both below and Download tenorshare data recovery software for pc. Once downloaded open it.

Download free data recovery Software

Step 4: Follow on screen instructions to install the software.

Step 5: Now select the data type which you want to recover and hit the next.

How to Recover Deleted data from Computer

lost Data Recover from Computer

Step 6: Now select the affected drive,  It may be default system drive, Micro S.D card, or External drive. Here the affected drive is Removable disk D.

Step 7:  After choosing  my Removable disk D (FAT 32), it will be scan and you can also perform deep scan by click on OK button of the Pop-up window.

Step 8: You can see this software found all the deleted files very quickly , you can see my recovered files .

Recover deleted files for free

Data recovery

Step 9: Select all files which you want to recover, click on recover, browse location where you want to save recovered files or create a new folder and hit on save.

Step 10: Now open the destination folder , as you can see all recovered data from my flash drive.

Recover Deleted Files from Computer

Recover Deleted Files from Computer

I hope you had enjoyed this article. This is the fastest and most effective way to recover lost data  from Computer, Flash Drive and Memory Card. Thanks buddy for visiting my site.


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