Best 3 headphones under 1000 rupees : Headphone Buying Guide

In this article we bring you the best over the Ear or on the Ear headphones under 1000 rupees, that comes with an inline microphone, earphones that ship with smartphone hugely feature and inline microphone but don’t give us the best of sound quality and bass.

Most of us always try to buy third-party headphones instead of using the bundled earphones, that being said this video is a part two of our previous video that is best headphones under rupees thousand without an inline mic. In this article we will be featuring the best 3 headphones under 1000 rupees that features an inline mic.

Motorola Pulse 2 SH005 Wired Headphone under 1000 rupees

The first big analyst is undoubtedly the Motorola Pulse 2 SH005 wired headphones priced at rupees 720. These on-ear headphones from Motorola are wild cushions and fold able for portability during travel. There’s an inline microphone for hands-free calling. The Motorola pulse 2 SH005 headphones give a dedicated button to play pause a track and even skip to the next one.

Powered by a 36 mm driver to deliver big sound and decent bass the sound actually has a crisp eyes, full loose and clear mid ranges. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable but the on-ear design and size of the ear cups just about cover the air and hence in a noisy or crawly environment the significant amount of background noise is audible and this affects the overall performance. In fact a good earphone should sound better in such a situation.

headphones under 1000 rupees

headphones under 1000 rupees

Sades T-Power SA-701 Gaming Headphones

Next entry is a gaming eccentric headphones the Sades TPower SA-701 Gaming Headphones priced at rupees 999. It comes to the 2 meters long and durable separate fire for microphone and audio jack which doesn’t tangle easily and hold up well to bends and stretching. It has adjustable band rounded to accommodate four different sized heads, up to 9 layers and pull able microphone to increase the durability.

This also have inline volume and my controller which allows you to change volume, mute or unmute the mic. It has nicely padded larger and soft oval shaped air cups which gives the stable and natural fit for hours of gaming and music comfort. some profile is controlled and not distorted. It has good noise cancellation and the output frequency range is amazing as well.

headphones under 1000 rupees

headphones under 1000 rupees

Zoook Rocker iFit Over Ear Wireless Headphones

Zoook Rocker iFit Over Ear Wireless Headphones last but not least. We have a wireless pick on our list the Zoook rocker iFit bluetooth headphone with FM. This is a violet headphone available at a price of rupees 1000. These advanced earphones from Zook come with incredible features such as vilest FM radio playing and trans class card support.

The 40mm high-end driver unit cranks out powerful pumping base, prominent mids and truly sparkling highs. It has a 200 mAh lithium-ion battery that according to the company takes 2 hours to charge and provides for up to 4 to 5 hours of continuous music playback or up to 8 to 10 hours of continuous talk time. It’s an extremely lightweight and appealing headphone but could have been also a bit insane and strong so watch out and handle carefully.

headphones under 1000 rupees

headphones under 1000 rupees

This was the list of the best headphones under 1000 rupees with an inline mic. Do share it with your friends but if you are looking for headphones under rupees 1000 without the mic then jest wait, we will update it soon.

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