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Hi Friend !!  So I help people with video production and their video editing. But a lot of people ask me. What do I use for video editing. Well this article I’m going to run through the 3 pieces of best video editing software for PC that I use And why I use them. The best software for you in the style of videos and style of editing that you are doing may be totally different to someone else. It all comes down to hell the software resonates with you. And how quickly and effectively.
You can tell your story and get your message out. Using the software that using some video editing software for pc is why easier For certain styles of video editing and others. And that’s why I really got the three.

Best three video editing software for PC

  1. ScreenFlow
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Avid Media Composer
Best free video editing software for pc

video editor for pc

So the three pieces of software that I use.

ScreenFlow video editing software for PC / Computer

2016 video editing software for pc

The first one the start of the basics. Is a screen flow best video editing software for PC / Computer. So screen flow is all some. It’s cheap. It’s not going to break you break it bank account. It is also full screen capture. So if you going to do. Any tutorial videos or you want to show you screen and. And never get through something even a Power Point presentation that you want to navigate through.

Screen flow is always from for that on. On Windows You could use camp to get similar sort of thing but. Screen flow is also all some for video editing. In that it’s a very basic video editing software for PC. But has a lot of power beyond it. So you can bring in a large range of video files. Trim them down. Add some effects add some by see colour correction by see. Already I would just meant. And export them out straight to You Tube.

Adobe Premiere

adobe premiere

So on the number 2 is Adobe Premiere. Moving up from by 6 I use a dive the premiere is probably my primary piece of video editing software for computer. The reason I like it is I like to have control over my editing. And once you’ve used. These tools. And you learn them and work out where everything is and what you can do. The flexibility and the power behind it is all something. In saying that for most people of the most video editing tasks. This could be seen as a bit of a kill.

The other thing I really like it is uses your G.P.U. all. For rendering and for powering all your video editing so it’s quick. Here exports a quick. And they look good. The price for a diving premium isn’t massive but it is a monthly subscription if you want the latest software. And all the latest updates With both. Fully. Done. In screen flow. Just to show you that you can actually get away with the cheapest software. To get very good video results.

Avid media composer video editor for PC

Avid media composer video editor for pc

And the third piece of software I use is Avid media composer on my PC. So Avid. Is by far my opinion top of the game. We use that for a long form documentary. It’s just. Stable. It would. If you really learn it you can edit really quick.

You’re using all the keyboard shortcuts. It’s just a really powerful really robust. Platform to edit long form videos. Short form as well. But for anything of the shorter sort of videos like it was a quick five minute Web clip. We’d be using it. All Maybe it was a really super quick one. Without much editing then I’d just drop in screen flow to get in and out quick.
Editing is all about doing things. Quickly and efficiently. But also having them look good. So it’s a key pot to pick the best tool for the job and for the video that you’re trying to achieve. And for me.
The best tools for the job. Screen flow, Adobe Premiere Pro, And have a media composer. And I’ll put links to these in the description. Make sure you leave any comments questions below Like our Facebook page . And also leave us a comment.

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