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Top 4 best tablets available on the market for work

In this new world of tech, devices like tablets can be a solution to simplifying things by providing an all-in-one solution. Now we break down the top 4 best tablets of 2017. SO you are interested in which product will be best for you.

The days of only being able to work game and watch movies online exclusively using a PC are gone. Tablets have come to provide a much lighter more mobile. And even more user-friendly alternative to laptop computer. We’ll be breaking down the top 4 best tablets available on the market.

Best portable tablet available on the market for people travelling

If you have animistic product you love be sure to leave a comment down below to give others a more fantastic options. We may not get a chance to mention in the article as well as any newer versions of these products released or better overall settings.

iPad mini 4

This list is in no particular order but starting off We have the iPad Mini 4. Which is our pick for the best portable tablet or the best tablet for people travelling and on the go. The iPad Mini 4 is ideal for travellers because of its great size and relative performance.

The iPad Mini has a 7.9 inches  screen with a resolution improved to 1536 x 2048 pixels. Witch makes a good option if you like to watch videos in HD. The new iPad Mini 4 comes with an Apple a processor and 2 GB of RAM an important upgrade for this version that makes it possible to use any application you want.

Specifications of  iPad mini 4 : best tablet for people travelling

best tablet for people travelling


On the OS side of things, it comes with iOS 9 which is upgradable to iOS 10.2. It also features up to 10 hours battery life And as usual in-app products this one can be acquired in versions of either 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB of storage.

The most notable physical features in the iPad Mini remain the same such as the home button with the fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers and the 3.5 mm jack plug into your headphones as always for Apple users. This one will be a safe bet if you’re dedicated to the Apple ecosystem meaning.

It can be very easily paired with your iPhone or MacBook for easy data organization. Now this product doesn’t have quite the same functionality or performance as some other options but considering its reasonable price, reasonable performance and ideal size. It is the perfect option for someone who wants a tablet that can easily carry with them without too much hassle.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Next up on our list is got the Microsoft Surface pro 4 which is our picks for the best tablet for work. Microsoft Surface pro 4 combines the best of both worlds in reality. This was made as a replacement for a laptop. That also acts like at the tablet when it’s convenient which makes an amazing hybrid Brod.

The Microsoft Surface 4 comes complete with the 12.3” PixelSense , which is fully touch enabled, an extremely convenient backrest and keyboard. Microsoft did an amazing job in this product, because you can choose how you use it based on your necessities.

Specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Best tablet for work

best tablet for people travelling

There are three different processors to choose Intel Core i7, i5 and m3 and the graphics are definitely something you won’t complain about the surface pro floor can support nearly any application with these. It comes in versions of 4, 8 and 18 GB of RAM.

Won’t be a problem since it comes with 1028 GB as the minimum. As well as the two of the versions of 512GB and 256GB provides. This device released with the latest version of Windows 10. It has two HD cameras that are 720p and those extra features go it has a USB 3 port and a stylus as well as the detachable keyboard to makes experience more comfortable.

This product is more than capable of performing nearly any task you want to run on. it you can build spreadsheets with these and after finishing up work fold the keyboard sit back and watch Netflix. Which is why we chose this to be our best pick as a tablet for doing work whether that be in school or in an office.

Google Pixel

Next up on our list we’ve got the Google pixels which is our pick for the best overall Android tablet. The reason why we place this tablet here is because of its outstanding performance.Not even mentioning into detachable magnetic keyboard and aluminum design although those things definitely give it extra points.

Specifications of Google Pixel : Best overall Android tablet

best tablet for people travelling

This tablet comes the ten point two inch screen and a really high resolution display 1800 by 2560 pixels. It has three combines of RAM to support all of your favorite applications. The Google pixel comes with Android 6.0 marshmallow and two different options storage 32 and 64 GB.

If anything will make you decide to get this device it’s the envy both good-looking design and the undeniable speedy performance. If you’re looking for a tablet to pair up to other Android devices that is capable of playing high-definition games.

This will likely be your guide we come back with Apple once again. Apple is definitely always a night to overall pick in terms of good quality devices.

Currently list is just best tablet under 500 dollars again see the links in the description for the most up-to-date pricing. It with a nice and durable device in comparison with iPad air 2. This tablet has experiences for good such as better cameras and the iPad pro 9.7, 10 record videos in 4k.

The brightness and resolution of the screen has been improved. And if you like to watch movies and videos let us tell you this is the perfect option. We would say this devices bill to spend hours watching your favorite tears and movies on Netflix. 256 GB storage to make it easier at the time you want to download anything.

And the iPad pro and 3 GB of RAM. That will allow you to have a great experience of the product no lag and no issues. This product is in our opinion, the best for Apple users seeing as you can easily sync products. It has the features you come to expect from Apple such as an extremely nice camera. And a price that will break the bank.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

It finished  top 4 best tablets of 2017  with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. This tablet is a good alternative to iPad if you’re not up with user of course. The Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 comes with the Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon.

Talking about graphics the adrenal 510 is the best option for this build. 3 GB of RAM to run the whole variety of applications Google Play Store. And two storage options 32 and 64 GB, but it is expandable up to 256 GB with a micro SD card.

In terms of battery Samsung always makes a Non-removable Li-Ion 5870 mAh battery work up to 12 hours. Definitely good device from a solid choice for those interested getting a Samsung tablet. It is worth noting Samsung Galaxy Tab s 3 is expected to be released in the next couple months, so definitely keep an eye out for that.


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