Free website builders in 2017 to built professional website

These days making a website should be fast easy and without too many restrictions just like with social media accounts. And I’ve been testing out dozens of free website builders to cut through the garbage and find the best ones for you guys. Now isn’t that nice of me and all you really need to do to thank me is share this with your friends so just go ahead and do iT. Let’s try to get let’s get starte.

Hey whats up guys you won’t hear from mostly pink if I were to recommend a website builder to a random person, without knowing their technical skills in terms of building websites.

Zoho free website builder

I’d recommend the zoho. It’s the overall best free website builder but not the absolute best one that’s one is coming up next and to be honest I can’t even believe the next service actually exists it’s amazing so stay tuned for that. But going back to zoho what makes its really awesome is the fact that it’s, so easy and fast to sit up and the interface is also very easy to use.

Whether you’re a programmer who has made websites before or just a normal person who wants to make a website for your accounting business or a band or whatever. It’s something that everyone can use and it’s absolutely one hundred percent free forever with no ads, no page limits, no bandwidth limits, no bullshit and you can’t even use a custom domain name if you have one not just a free sub domain.

free website builder

Also I will be making a tutorial on how to use so how to build your free website including how you can get a free domain name and set it up with zoho will be published soon. The way so who makes money is that while the basic stuff is free there are more advanced features and apps require paid subscriptions.

like for example adding a web store, integrating paypal payments, creating member portals, newsletter campaigns registering domain names and stuff like that. Overall I can’t recommend it enough I’ll give as zoho 9.5/10.

To set up zoho go to Slides and sign up by entering your email and a password then click on the sign up for free button. That’s basically it you can start right away by first select your theme and then start building yoursite. There’s also a verification link that will be emailed to you that you have to click on before you are able to publish your website.

Hostinger a free website builder from india

Hostinger is a web hosting service based in india and actually can’t believe they exist the service is quite amazing and it’s 100% free. Using their service is a bit more complicated than zoho but it is still quite easy to set everything up.

Basically they have a free website builder but what’s really awesome is that they allow you access to their hosting control panel. And allow you to use their auto installer to install other content management systems like for example wordpress, drupal, joomla, PHP, BB forums, OS commerce and various different wikis, e-commerce and website platforms.

Also stay tuned for a tutorial on how to set up a wordpress site with hosting or it will be linked as a card but also in the video description. This is what you typically get from a paid service like hostgator or a blue host, but hosting or does have some limitations however they are very reasonable.

free website builder

Free website builder from india

You get two gigabytes file storage 100 gigabytes per month bandwidth, 2  mysql databases, limited backups, no ssl certificates and 3 websites limits. They do also allow you to host domain names for your websites and even to park to domain names that you might not currently be using. and you can also use ssh from a web console and ftp to access your web hosting account.

How do they make money well they have premium and business subscriptions which have no bandwidth or storage limits and plenty of other features. And they also offer paid virtual private servers hostinger is a great web host and I’m
actually happy to see some good free online services from countries other than the u.s. I will give hosting our 9.5 out of 10 points because while it’s not as easy to use as zoho. It still makes up for it with more features for those who will require them.

To sign up for a free account head over to and click on unlimited hosting then scroll down until you see the free option in the comparison table, scroll a bit further down until you see a order button click on that on the next page
click on checkout now. After that select create a new account.

Once the page loads enter in your name, email and a password for your account and click on the create a new account button again. next you want to take the i agree with box and finish by clicking on the complete order button.

That’s basically it you will still get a verification email that’s need to click on but you can pretty much start off with setting up your website now on the hosting or dashboard.

Weebly Create a free website

lastly we have Weebly which is another good free website builder and when I released it as best for 2016. However they are now lagging behind services like zoho and hostinger. Weebly allows you to set up free websites that have no paid to limits or bandwidth limits. The website builder is very easy to use there are many good free themes and templates to choose from and you can even make modifications directly to the HTML code which is not very often available with free website builders.

However you can only get a free Weebly sub domain you can’t use a custom domain name, also your website will not be
visible to search engines which is actually not a huge problem since Google does not rank most sub domains very highly anyway.

Weebly does not really have any annoying ads but they do have one Weebly branded ad on the footer of free websites. What I think we’ve needs to do to compete with zoho and hostinger is to remove many of their restrictions for free basic web hosting.

I mean it’s not 2005 anymore but overall they’re free service is not terrible but as we’ve seen there are better options out there. I’ll give Weebly 7.5 out of 10 points.

Setting up an account on Weebly is really easy just head over to on the front page you will see a sign up button on the upper right corner click on that, enter in your name, email and a password for your accoun then click on the sign up button. That’s it you can now start editing your website immediately by first selecting a template and then begin building your site one useful thing when you’re making a free website is the ability to also get a free domain name.

How to get free domain name with Freenom

with Freenom you can set up free top-level domain names, they have 5 free options which include .tk .mlg .gq and .cf. They do have some rules for example we have to get at least 90 visits per month on average or they will eventually delete your domain name. So you can’t register and park many domains you have to actually use the free ones you’re registering.

Just during a free domain name with free non is really easy just head over to Freenom type in the domain you want and click on, check availability. Select one of the free options by clicking on the get it now button on the right side of the domain name, after it’s done confirming a green checkout button will appear click on that, then on the next page select your free registration period which can be up to 12 months.

free website builder

How to get free domain name

After which you must renew the domain name which is also free once you’re done click on continue, then on the next page enter your email address down below and click on verify my email address.

You will be sent an email with a link that you have to open to verify your email. Then finish up by entering your details these should be mostly real because if they are completely fake then I can which is the international authority that governs domain names might suspend
your domain.

Once you’re done with your details click that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions box and complete your order. Now you can go to the client area and start setting up your domain name to either forward to another address or use the free Nam default name servers to configure the dns setup for your domain or you can use other custom third-party DNS servers to manage the DNS configuration which is required by some web hosting services.

If you have any suggestions on other free web hosting services requests for future articles or questions and feedback leave it in the comments below. I do actually read most comments and respond when I can.

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