Best 5 call blocker apps for android Smart Phone 2016

Receive calls and SMS from unwanted Persons or from the number you don’t trust ? Are you looking Free and Best Call Blocking Apps for Android Device ? Your at the correct place. Here, I’m going to share some Free and Best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

Call blocking android apps can block both the calls and SMS and blocking numbers from spam callers, numbers blacklist, blocking anonymous, blocking text massages. By using these apps Block people that call us and we never want to talk to them.

Top 5 android call blockers for Android Smart Phone

  1. True caller – Caller ID & Block
  2. Blacklist Plus
  3. Call Blocker Free – Blacklist
  4.  Extreme Call Blocker
  5. Master Call Blocker


No more wondering who called us, or who’s number it is. Just use truecaller and get their details. True Caller is the best one this allows you to block phone numbers from your recent calls list . Personally I suggest this app to block all unwanted calls and SMS.

call blockers for Android Smart Phone

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block android app Features

  1. You can search any number whether it’s local or around the world
  2. See who is calling if you don’t have their number in your phone contacts
  3. Block unwanted calls from spam callers and land-line telemarketers
  4. Block any area code


Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker and spam messages filter. It is with some interesting features and Blacklist, All except White list, All Except Contacts, All Numbers or Disable.



Blacklist plus- Features

  1. U can personalize who calls u.
  2. Block anonymous numbers and SMS/ MMS.
  3. Save all blacklist information in a journal.
  4. To see who it was that called you without calling them back.
  5. 4 blacklist modes with variety of settings.


The Call Blocker Free – Blacklist is another Free Call Blocking App for Android smart phone  or  tablet which also
helps to prevent spam calls and SMS. It have the custom blocking modes

Call-Blocker Free Android Smart Phone


  1. Block unwanted spam calls and SMS using blacklist
  2. Multi language supported
  3. Having user friendly custom blocking modes


Extreme call blocker is far better than all the above based on the Price. Extreme Call Blocker has a lot of features as like others. But probably the most important one is their backup and restore.
You can backup/restore from a SD card, but also from your Dropbox account, meaning it’s in the cloud store.

Extreme Call Blocker android app

Features of Extreme blocker App

  1. Low price
  2. cloud Storage
  3. Backup and Restore

Master Call Blocker Android App

Master  Call  is  another  light  and  free  app  without  any  kind of  ads and it  is  very light  and  simple  to use.There are many impressive.Let’s check out Mr. Number features.

Mr. Number call blocker android app
Features of Mr. Number

  1. Easily block spammer’s calls and
  2. Hang up blacklist numbers.
  3. You can send voice mail for spammer’s callers.
  4. You can report spam calls and texts to alert other users.
  5. You’ll check callers history who to block.

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